In partnership with Digital Badge IT, we have developed an online digital badge achievement programme which rewards children and young people for engagement in school & community sport, sports media and health related activities.


Sport digital badges can be used as part of the curriculum in PE lessons (with lots of cross-curricular links to other subject areas), extra curricular clubs or holiday camp programmes. Organisations can choose from a selection of badges to build their own personalised digital badge system to match their programme of activities.

Children and young people are issued a unique users name and password to enable them to log into their school or organisation digital badge system to track progress and achievements. Badges are claimed by entering a badge unlock / activation code or submitting evidence.

Connecting Sports are the official sports partner of Digital Badge IT providing and delivering:

  • Sports Media programmes and sessions

  • Young Sports Leadership programmes and sessions

Find out more about our work with Digital Badge IT and the PE.Sport & Active Wellbeing Digital Badges