In partnership with Digital Badge IT, we have developed an online digital badge achievement programme which rewards children and young people for engagement in sport, sports media and health related activities.


Sport digital badges can be used as part of the curriculum in PE lessons (with lots of cross-curricular links to other subject areas), extra curricular clubs or holiday camp programmes. Organisations can choose from a selection of badges to build their own personalised digital badge system to match their programme of activities.

Children and young people are issued a unique users name and password to enable them to log into their school or organisation digital badge system to track progress and achievements. Badges are claimed by entering a badge unlock / activation code or submitting evidence.

Schools and organisations can build their own bespoke sports digital badge programme, choosing badges from seven sports digital badge categories :

  • Membership Digital Badges

  • Sport Participation Digital Badges

  • Sports Media Digital Badges

  • Special Sporting Honours Digital Badges

  • Playmakers Digital Badge

  • PE Lessons Participation & Skill Progression Digital Badges

  • Interactive Quiz Digital Badges

Connecting Sports are also able to deliver workshops and training as part of any school or organisation sports digital badge programme:

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    Sports Leaders UK Playmakers Award

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    Young First Aid Awareness Workshops

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    Sports Video News Reporter / Vlogger Digital Badge

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    Sports Podcaster Digital Badge

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    Sports Journalist / Blogger Digital Badge

Connecting Sports can even deliver all of the ‘Sports Media’ digital badges for your organisation as an after school club or school holiday programme.