1.  A copy of our up-to-date risk assessment will be on the notice board at top of the stairs in youth club

  2. 15 children will be our maximum bubble for sports camp / 8 for table tennis activities.

  3. Children will be required to hand sanitise before entering each sports session and wash their hands regularly.

  4. Any child showing any symptoms of Covid, parents will need to take the necessary government guidelines. Children displaying covid-19 symptoms whilst in our care will be isolated from other children and parents contacted to collect.

  5. Children are required to have a alcohol based hand sanitizer at all time.

  6. Equipment being used will be cleaned in between children using them (for example table tennis table, pool table computers and X Box).

  7. We will do our best to keep the children 1 metre apart from each other. On some occasions this may not be entirely possible.

  8. We will endeavour to use the same staff as much as we possibly can.

  9. We will keep the children outdoors for as much time as possible weather permitting.

  10. We will apply common sense at all times.